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Located in the pleasant market town of Midhurst, this stunning former coaching inn dates back to and a sense of history envelopes you the moment you walk through the door: there are exposed beams, winding staircases and curious ornaments everywhere you look. The four poster bed, complete with intricately designed embroidered curtains and heavenly sheets, was epic; the sturdy oak frame polished in a stormy red finish. The excellent-quality antique furniture is so charismatic you half expect it to move and start talking, like a scene from Beauty and the Beast. This is furniture that actually beckons you to sit on it — after all, how many times have you stayed in a hotel and used your bed as your sofa and dining table? We could go on about our sleeping quarters — we also loved the tiny, tiny powder room and the huge standalone tub — but there are other bases to cover.

New in the Northwest: 'Spread Eagle' by Kevin Killian

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For the first half of the book, this is abundantly clear—while the author effectively introduces and skewers a wide array of gay characters who are at once familiar and totally unlikeable, the initial bulk of the story feels disjointed, making it difficult to follow the plot, and hard to initially become invested in the fate of the protagonists. That first section introduces a bevy of characters that were probably based on real people before being enrobed in satirical stereotypes. However, nearly pages of constantly shifting perspectives, wild but humorous tangents, and pop culture references make it slightly overwhelming for the reader. But said reader is rewarded for his or her patience when the second half rolls around. As he falls in love with a charming yet sadistic con man, you see his grip on reality, sobriety, and morality becoming more and more tenuous.

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Они остановились перед единственной дверью в стене сооружения, выходившей в сторону канала. - Итак, входим. - спросила Николь. Ричард кивнул и распахнул дверь.

Франц любит меня, - подумала Кэти, - по-своему. " В дверях появилась девушка-японка. - Вы можете войти, - проговорила. Кэти пересекла приемную и вошла в центральную часть дворца.

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