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There are a handful of LGBTI wrestlers making waves in the wrestling game, smashing stereotypes and living their lives out and proud. In , she formed a trio with wrestlers Mandy Rose and Paige, known as Absolution. Dave Marshall Dave Marshall made international headlines in November last year when Gay Star News broke the story of his charity fundraising efforts. Marshall is a personal trainer and openly gay wrestler from Perth, Australia.

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8 LGBTI wrestlers smashing stereotypes and changing the wrestling game

MM1 - DJ v. Aaron 15 mins. DJ considers himself to be more of a twink, but he's really a tough competitor with natural wrestling ability. DJ has a little previous wrestling experience from a wrestling club he was active in for a short time. Against a big, muscled stud DJ would probably be the perfect jobber. Aaron, is a fitness model and personal trainer who has a tight, tan, hard body with hot pecs and washboard abs.


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